Fairview Roleplay - Looking for Police, Staff and Civilians!


Newer server, currently have a few people who are very active, but not enough for good RP. We need police officers, staff and civilians and also Fire & EMS. We are still in development as far as the server ideas go, we are currently running a Public server (Anyone can join and can be a cop or come on the server and RP) but we are looking to start up a Whitelisted server soon.
We have custom cars, lots of scripts, we have a working cad (OpenCad), and are dedicated to the server. I’m sure there is a lot that I am missing, but just join and talk to us, or start RP’ing.

Discord: https://discord.gg/ywhqFN2
Server IP:
Website: http://www.gtafrp.com/



Duplicate of Fairview Roleplay [Need Civs] [Need Members] Lamda Menu, Custom Police Cars, HIRING STAFF