Failed to load script @async/async.lua


When I try to enable MySQL Async script, I keep getting the error “Failed to load script @async/async.lua.”.
I’ve confirmed that the folder is named as it should be.


So what is the folder name?


The folder name is mysql-async


If the folder name is mysql-async then use @mysql-async/async.lua


And where should I change that? Since the error is in the CMD console


Somewhere in __resource.lua of some resource, if you didn’t make those scripts/resources, then it might be easier to change the folder name to async.


Then I get the error it can’t find the file async.lua


These are in the es_extended __resource.lua


Maybe you should have followed the instructions from es_extended. It needs the async resource, and if you have not renamed it. It is still called async-1.0.1 instead of async.


I didn’t see that I needed another Async, I got it fixed now.
Thanks for your help!


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