Fade Roleplay Server! CAD MDT System, Job, GANG, Hiring LEO, and Much More!



Our Server (Fade RP) Is Looking For More Players, So We Are Hiring You To Join Us As A Criminal Or A Police Officer.

About The Server
FadeRP is a new FiveM roleplay server that was released 2 weeks ago, the server has been under development for over a month and our team was very excited to open and we are now looking for more players to come on the journey, play with us and stick with us. Our Development team has been working very hard on this server, working on custom cars and lots of things. We value the opinions and suggestions of our players greatly and would love to see what you say we should work on.

What We Wish To Achieve
Our staff team would like to achieve an active, kind and good player base that would stick around and stay with us while we go through our server updates and changes. We would like to make a serious, organized and realistic roleplay community for anyone to come on and enjoy the server whether they are interested in being a public safety member or just casual roleplay.

Our Requirments
We do not ask for much, but we do ask our players to act seriously and realistically. If you wouldn’t do something in real life, you won’t do it on the server. We ask all members to read rules once entering the discord server so you don’t do anything against the rules and so you can learn what to do and what not to do. We do require a mic to play.
Our Whitelisted jobs do require you to be in our discord server and to apply through there. With being a part of a whitelisted job you are representing our community so when you are on duty and even off duty we ask you to be on your best roleplaying ability and on your best behavior. We also require all Whitelisted job members to be able to use Discord and have a mic.

What Our Server Offers
As a community, we offer serious roleplay and a good experience on our server. With that being said we do not take kindly to people who fail rp, rdm, vdm and mess about. We offer you to be in a gang, with a gang you must have a leader and at least 3 members of that gag and a location of your gang area. We offer many custom cars and a large variety of jobs.

What Does Being In A Gang Offer?
Being in a gang brings a lot of unique roleplay scenarios and bring much more fun into the players. But being in a gang shouldn’t screw up the roleplay. You still have to act sensibly within a gang.

If you are interested in joining, join from this discord link: https://discord.gg/eENmFWv Go ahead and join the server now and start roleplaying!

Kind Regards,
FadeRP Team


Got few people still need more!! A civ has be made King Pin, help him do jobs and make money, be his bodyguard, or help the LEO take him and his crew down. Join us!


Great server man, Good roleplay, Great leader. Although, The server is in need of people so we can start getting more encounters and we are in need of more leo, ems, fire.


Owner is super nice and cool! If you’re new he can help you out! The server has well balanced police and needs more criminals to make it more fun. The discord is super friendly and I highly recommended it for new and experienced players. If you stream this is a great server to join because the people are well trained and know what they’re doing.


This is a great server so much to do every vehicle you could ask for including lifted trucks, cars, bikes ect that are being added. We have probably the best custom money laundry system and an active king pin also including drugs and a black market. Come join the server its worth giving it a try I promise :grin: .

https://discord.gg/SrbPTYc New DOSR {Custom Cars] {Custom Peds} {Custom CMD/MDT} [Custom Weapons}



Just added many more addon cars, come check it out