Fade Roleplay Server! CAD MDT System, Job, GANG, Hiring LEO, and Much More!



FADE RP is specialized in custom cars, real-life action, and vehicles. Many custom jobs for civ and fully working police unit. We are looking for more people to join and have fun. We really need a chief of EMS and are hiring Fire,LSPD, and BSCO! You can apply on our discord! We are working on the CAD system and if you would like to help out DM me! We are strict on no cheats! Hope you join!!

Join us on discord at: https://discord.gg/QnWz7zB


Got few people still need more!! A civ has be made King Pin, help him do jobs and make money, be his bodyguard, or help the LEO take him and his crew down. Join us!


Great server man, Good roleplay, Great leader. Although, The server is in need of people so we can start getting more encounters and we are in need of more leo, ems, fire.


Owner is super nice and cool! If you’re new he can help you out! The server has well balanced police and needs more criminals to make it more fun. The discord is super friendly and I highly recommended it for new and experienced players. If you stream this is a great server to join because the people are well trained and know what they’re doing.


This is a great server so much to do every vehicle you could ask for including lifted trucks, cars, bikes ect that are being added. We have probably the best custom money laundry system and an active king pin also including drugs and a black market. Come join the server its worth giving it a try I promise :grin: .

I need a fivem sever



Just added many more addon cars, come check it out