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Extra Life Roleplay Server


ELRP is a public ESX FiveM server, that aims to provide the best roleplay experience for everyone who joins our community. We are looking to fill spots for multiple whitelist jobs!

Discord : https://discord.gg/rpzwJfp
Server IP :

San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire Department/EMS
Active Staff
Welcoming Community
Custom Drug Locations
100+ Custom Vehicles
Realistic Roleplay
Realistic Economy

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Strongly advise more people to play on this, It is a great server with helpful staff and has Economy! Has a lot of potential!

More updates have arrived! Feel free to join

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More updates have been pushed! Feel free to join the discord!

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Server is back up! Downtime was spent fixing bugs, and adding new features! Feel free to join!

UI Updates and more have been pushed! Feel free to join!

We are coming closer to the official launch for ELRP! Join the discord, and become a member to prepare for the server launch!

Server launch in 16 days!!

Server launch in 15 days!

13 days until server launch!

We are getting closer to May 25!! Server launches at 9AM CST. Here is a teaser for the server launch.