Experienced RPer looking for a whitelisted server with serious, possibly slow-burn RP


Hey - my name’s Soran or Chaeron (Kare-on) whichever you prefer. I’m a life-long gamer since 1990’s in Advanced D&D, I’ve been through tons of systems and worlds, and I’m looking for a community that’s fairly gated (whitelisted) made of people who are friendly to new Rpers and open to new ideas. People who want to build lives for their characters, and a story, not just run around being goofy and/or killing people because they can.

Too many servers I’ve joined have just been about random violence, robbery and revenge kills. There’s nothing wrong with roleplaying a serial killer, if that’s your life plan, but too many servers are filled with people who will stab you for looking at their girl wrong, or other sortof-shitlordy ways. That’s not RP, that’s just insanity. I want a grounded, life experience. If you’ve got that, PM Me or post on the thread as to why your community isn’t that way, and I’ll PM you back with information on my own roleplay history and why my Roleplay is good enough for your server.


hey there mate, Sheriff B. O’Connor - LSCS SHERIFF - Gangsta’s Paradise RP, we are a smaller group who is expanding somewhat quickly, I am looking to get DECENT solid Roleplayers into our community, with that, lets go over what we have to offer :slight_smile: : Economy, Drugs, WHITELISTED EMS/LEO, Currently Open server to build population (will return to Whitelisted/INVITE ONLY server when we have a more solid population), TONS of vehicles, HUNDREDS of RP scripts, map edits (if you can’t find somewhere to RP on the map, Roleplay isn’t for you :wink: ) , State, Los Santos County, Blaine County, and City Police Departments, State EMS, AND TONS of RP scripts added in weekly :))


We’re growing extremely fast, teamspeak server, whitelisted fivem server, anything you could ever want
Application Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSctPNVgX0MV6J5NWgxkJizRTqGzj2RDchDmADjNMu_2dyc3ww/viewform