Experienced Developer looking for a community to work with


Hello there! First and foremost I hope you are having a wonderful day.

My name is Epilox. Or at least that is how the internet communities know me.
I’m an experienced developer coming from many communities.

My profile has everything explained in detail.

Excluding FiveM I am also experienced in VB, C#, HTML, PHP, CSS and JS and much more.

The community that is closing has had some wonderful people to work with and players all together.

So I’m looking for a new community which has respective members and staff, non biased staff and which is in need of a developer.

I’m currently looking to ONLY be on the Developer position therefore please avoid contacting me to become a player in your community.

Keep in mind that I’m NOT going to develop for server owners that are using stolen resources.

If concerned of my experience I have examples of my previous work which I will provide if and when asked.

After reading my profile bio and being interested you may contact me on Discord or by email, your choice.

Discord: Epilox#6825
Email: epiloxofficial@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait for a new adventure!




We are currently looking for new members to join our server.
we offer emergency services and civilian operations. Our B.C.S.O. is currently not hiring but all other departments are, feel free to join our discord to find out more. https://discord.gg/dVsfcts


Hey there Dray34#2709 accept and msg me
Welcome @everyone To Paused Gaming, Similar to how we are as a group of friends and a small community now we want to continue to grow within our own ability and not only for our own fun and enjoyment but to bring more members to our group and have some quality fun rp for streamers and video makers to have enjoyable content… for those of you who just simply play we want to bring you a world of GtaV that you can enjoy being a part of and wan’t to come back and bring your friends! Welcome once again an behalf of Paused Gaming Staff Team and Owners! :smiley: https://discord.gg/2RzyJYq


Still looking for a community! Responses above turned out to not be usable at the time.


You can join us at Department of Safety RP. www.dosrp.com. Here is our public invite, if you would like to speak with the director, you may do so! https://discord.gg/pWkDtMj


Edited the post with updated information and some notes that I should have mentioned previously.


I would love to speak with you regarding a position in our TTT server message me on teamspeak to talk more.


Why would a developer want to join a server as a player?

i know he updated his post to confirm this… but come on. Think. Why would you walk into a shop that sells products for a £1/$1 and expect to see a £99/$99 item on the shelf…


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I had to clarify that again due to the fact of recieving too many messages on that topic when I do not have that much time to both develop and be a player.


People seem to be spamming there plugs anywhere and everywhere they see the word “Server”.