Experienced Developer and ex Co-Owner - Looking for an amazing Community


(Before I start DO NOT comment if you are just going to advertise. kthx)

Hello FiveM Community, my name is Adam and I am a Server Developer and Ex Co-Owner.

I am looking for a new community with a stable player base. I am excellent with Server Management and Debugging as well as setting up Teamspeak/Discord. I also am fluent in HTML Design and Graphics along with this I also can skin vehicles. I was a Co-Owner on First Light Roleplay, since then this community has been disbanded due to the Owner not having enough time to commit to it. I prefer to work on VPS, but will compromise if using other means to host :slight_smile:

Please comment below if you are looking for a Developer. I am happy to chat with the Owners to help them out. However do not want to waste my time applying for an already established server.

I am also happy to help with becoming an admin/mod etc etc if needed

Looking forward to working with an amazing community


BUMP! Still looking for a server


DM me, once joined the discord server.


Sent you a friend request on Discord.


BUMP! Still looking for an amazing server!


Hi! We definitely could use some help with some of the more detailed/advanced coding if you are able! I’m trying to learn what I can but, I am but an artist struggling to understand :wink:

We need help with things like converting replace > add on, modifying handling, and modifying carcols in addition to a variety of other things. If you think you can help feel free to add me and i’ll invite you! We’re a relatively new community so there’s plenty to do, and we will have fun for sure, lot’s of cool ideas.

-My discord: Floh#7952-

Edit: jk added you :smiley:


BUMP! Still looking for an amazing server!


Send me a pm and we can talk. Hoping you understand some Lua tho and I can teach you more.


Hello, we are looking for developers if you are interested. If you would like to see our post look here: (16+) Looking for mature & experienced staff / department heads! and if you would like to join our discord then join here: https://discord.me/kingroleplay . Have a great day! ~Deputy Director | Keegan P.


Still looking for a server, add me on discord Adam.#2963


Vortex RP| CAD/MDT | Police/Fire/EMS/Civilians | Serious RP | MANY SCRIPTS & FEATURES |Whitelisted Cops| https://discord.gg/Q6g3r2Q/ my this one is the perfect one


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BUMP! Still looking for a server


BUMP! Still looking for a server



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Still looking for a server, add me on discord Adam.#2963



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