Experienced Dev and Leader looking to start a new Server/Community


Greetings Los Santos Citizens. I’m an experienced server developer who has been a part of a few communities and never really found an experience I enjoyed. It was usually due to immaturity and/or racism and such and honestly, I play GTA to de-stress from the daily job, not to add to it. I have all the tools and ability to create my own server and community so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

So with that said, I’m looking for a few other like-minded individuals to form this servers leadership. We’ll collaborate and build a brand new community from scratch. I have the server up and running already and we’ll tweak it as we go.

What I bring to the table…

  • Server dev who knows what he’s doing.
  • A community builder. I’ve built an amazing Facebook group community of 17k people in under a year.
  • A successful business owner who owns a hosting and SEO company so we’ll be covered there.
  • A good leader who isn’t afraid to take control and be a leader when necessary, yet listen to his community and objectively do what’s best for the server as a whole at all times.

What you should bring to the table…

  • Maturity.
  • Adults preferred but I’m not a fan of discriminating based on age because as we know 30-year-olds can be an asshat and 14-year-olds can be more mature than most.
  • Leadership experience of some sort.

Interested in a tour? An interview? Let’s chat on Discord and get this started.


Thanks for the interest so far everyone. Bumping to bump. Join the Discord and let’s talk. <3