Experienced COP/STAFF MEMBER looking for a position!



Hello, first off please don’t just paste an advert about your server because it means most times people don’t read this and don’t understand who I am!

Hello, I am Brandon B. I am 2 years experienced roleplayer, and I have been working as a cop on FiveM for around 14 months and I have also came upon working as a Developer/Administrator in a couple of servers.

I am looking for a server that is at most setup and just need positions filling. I want an EU server which has players on around mid-day GMT/UK Time.

I also want a server that is very organised and the owners are dedicated to making it a good server. I am also looking for a server with owners over the age of 16 which can pay for the server and shouldn’t have any money issues.

So, I’m guessing you want to know more about my personal life. I am 14 years of age, I have been a 8 Year gamer and play all sorts of game and I am currently enjoying a game called ‘FiveM’. I love the concept of cops and helping keep the roads safe. I love managing things, like staff and departments.

Discord - VapeV1#1367
(If you can’t contact me there please leave your info and I will contact you!)


Hi Brandon I am the governor on a server called next generation Roleplay. I believe that we have exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to contact us on discord! Here is a link to our forum post.

I look forward to seeing you
Yours J.Fischer


Will do!

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Hey come check us out. We are looking for active LEO!!!



Still Looking For A Good Community?


Yeah I Sure Am!

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I’ve added you on discord.


I read your post your looking for an experienced server. I’m the founder of mlrp and main development within my community. I’m 32 years recently stopped playing in another community and wanted to start my own. We have over 82+ members and we offer bcso, Blaine county Vol fire department/EMS, State, Detective’s, Gang Narcotic, K9, ASU and Drug Traffic Uni