Expereinced RPer and Staff looking for a job


Hello, my name is Brandon B. I am 14 years of age (Mature). I am looking for a server I can be head of department or staff along with it. I have experience in all places. I have RPed for over a year and worked on some servers as staff!

If you are interested in allowing me to join your community add RenderzDroppz#4008 on discord and we can talk.

If you don’t have discord please reply below and information you would like me to know!
Thanks for your time hope I’m what you’re looking for!


Im still looking!


Still up for some work


Hi, I don’t think that you will find someone if you say that you have been a staff member of some servers in just one year, also you’re 14 years old - most of the communites are searching for people 16+. You should maybe join a server, make your experience with them and if they see that you’re good in it, maybe they will promote you to another rank. Good luck my friend.


Thanks for the feedback, But i just get a bit bored of RPing when people are always FailRping and it makes it boring. So i would like to find a server i can get that permission to stop them people FailRping


I have a server. Go to usnrp.city
Make an application and you will most likely get accepted into a staff/administration position depending on experiane.




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