Exodus Roleplay - Whitelisted Roleplay Community



Hello, we are Exodus Roleplay. A whitelisted roleplay community which has released recently. We are currently completing our completely custom framework with our development teams who have worked on the likes of Variable7, once a very large and prominent roleplay community.

Our plans are clear and simple, we want to make something different and new. A roleplay experience where people aren’t just sitting in a parking lot all day chatting. Something to allow players to make real story arks with real affects on the world around them.

For more details, see below.

For more information, see below;
Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/8bT6t6z
Join our website: https://www.exodusroleplay.com/


View our first status report here! - https://www.exodusroleplay.com/topic/45-status-report-january-9th-2018-alpha-testing-our-vision-a-message-from-staff/?tab=comments#comment-98