Exodus Network - Recruiting



Exodus Network is a gaming community where you can find various gaming servers including Minecraft, Cod, FiveM, and Samp. With the help of some experienced developers we are expanding and we have got plans on getting more gaming servers too.

Skilled Management
Our highly skilled and dedicated management team make sure that things go smoothly within the community and the servers are fulfilling their purpose, that is providing players a quality gameplay experience. Every server has got it’s own staff members.

Exodus Network FiveM
The scripts that we are working on are unique and no one yet has implemented anything like this before. The script is 30% completed and we are going to complete them soon. Also eN is looking for some experienced developers who can work on Lua or C# - If anyone is interested in joining us, just contact us on our discord channel or our email(contacting information is given at the end of the topic)

Developers Recruitment
We need Lua or C# developer who can help us out. The gamemode and other features are going to be explained to the developers privately. If anyone is interested in developing for our FiveM server just contact us on the following information that is given below.

Discord: exodus-network.com/discord
Email: admin@exodus-network.com
Forums: https://exodus-network.com/



  • We are still in need of a developer, if anyone is interested message us(contact information is given above)