EvolvedGaming - Brand new RP server


We opened our own FiveM RP server yesterday and we are looking for players!
The server is using es_extended and all their scripts. There are more then 10 jobs to do.

Why us?
The reason I think you should join our server is because we are dedicated to roleplay and we wanna give everyone the best roleplay expierence. We are trying to make the server better everyday. We are still looking for people to join EMS and the police force. (This is done with an application system).

Things we have to offer in the server:

  • Jobs
  • Drugs
  • Vehicle customization
  • Phone (Everyone has their own phone number)
  • Custom vehicles
  • Prestine stats
  • Wide range of models to use

Our website: http://evolvedgaming.co.uk/
Our discord: https://discord.gg/ydMszXQ
Server IP: