EvolutionRP - Semi Serious |CAD/MDT|Active Staff|Scripts|Postal Map|610+ Cars|Need Active Players!|vMenu|More!|


Who Are We?
We are a fresh FiveM Roleplay server with tons of addons / plugins and we strive to be one of the best communities around!
What Do We Offer?
As stated above we offer multiple addons / plugins and we try to treat all players with respect to hope they will enjoy and have the one of the best times of their life in our server!
We also are always looking for LEOS/EMS and more Staff!
We try everyday to improve our server and make sure it is stable as possible! So if you’re interested in a new community which you could possibly help us as well please consider joining us and staying! Please be Active in our discord and server as we are trying to build our player base! - Snowin2Hard!

Server IP - OR discord link - https://discord.gg/CuvdDPU


Bump added new cars and some peds. Also fixed some bugs in the vMenu settings that wasn’t allowing certain things.


Bump. Added a new vehicle handling meta and working on installing a Leo menu


Discord link invalid btw


Bump Need players! Also added some new vehicle handling!


Added new ELS cars and a new map. Also added a CAD/MDT!


Fixed a bug with the postal map. When zooming in it became blurry but now it’s fixed! Still looking for active players!