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There are jobs/missions already in the file, they are:

  • Taxi Driver - People can call one via the K menu and if there is a taxi online, they can accept the call out and be directed to the persons location via GPS. Also has an AI taxi mission, start by pressing DEL.

  • Bank Driver - Your job is to deliver the bank money in a security van to a specific location. This money isn’t robable.

  • President - This is a VIP/Admin role and is required to be given via the admin K > Add Group menu (name = president).

  • Police - You can give this job by K > Admin > Add Group menu (name = cop)

  • EMS - You can give this job by K > Admin > Add Group menu (name = ems)

  • Drug Dealer - This is the job needed to harvest and create cocaine/weed.

  • Hacker - This job hacks into peoples accounts and gives you credit cards which you go on to sell.

  • Repair Man - This job is the only job who can buy repair kits and repair vehicles via the K menu. This job also has an AI mission involved were you can fix things around the map for cash.

  • Delivery Driver - This job is exactly what it says on the tin, your job is to drive around, collect what’s requested and drop it off at a random house.

  • Lawyer

  • Bounty Hunter

  • Weapons Smuggler

  • Fisherman

And More…

We hope to see you in-game

Website : www.evolution-rp.com


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Moved to #server-development:server-bazaar


Still looking for players, cops and EmS to join. Recently updated framework with more features


Also Looking for a police and fire chief with experience.

Contact Niko Reznov / stalin for interview.


Anyone who wants to join, join the discord


Still Recruiting to our server for staff / cops and ems


They were Recruiting on my server to! This is not a good server.


Highly doubtful, I personally don’t agree with recruiting. And no two servers are the same dude. So the odds are that your players are with you for a specific reason. (you may use trainers for example, i personally don’t allow them).

It is not something we condone. But to put it bluntly, no one with any position at Evolution RP would of been recruiting. If another player did, that is out of our control. It would be more decent of you to say the players name, as oppose to just slating the server considering you have probably never played it !

Love and Kisses x


A very mature mindset you have there !