Everything is gone get delete bye πŸ™‚ plz hide or delete this page thanks 4


everything is gone get delete bye :slight_smile: plz hide or delete this page thanks :slight_smile:


This will not work though surely? As it is a copy pasta from @Kyominii . And needs his other scripts to work (Such as the whitelist system)


this script is more for rp server :slight_smile: , yes its work :slight_smile:


You have permission from @Kyominii ?


Is all you do talk down to people? That’s all I ever see you do


If you actually look, kyominii uses a drag command from someone else, this is pretty simple to write a cuff command, you just have to set if /cuff [id] is entered force the cuff animation, to the server id entered.


The command is /cuff for nearest player though.


I am asking him if he asked the original author for permission, that is not really talking down to someone.


As my script is using MIT Licence, he can publish his own script based on mine if he adds somewhere credits. He’s doing that so he have my permission.

And @aka_Lucifer, I took the drag feature from someone else BUT I helped this person to make this (as I participated in the creation thread).


This script is impressive, however I’m upset that the suspect cannot move whatsoever while cuffed. I feel they should be able to walk and run, because that would make it a bit more realistic, but that’s just my personal preference.


If you allow a ped to walk while he’s cuffed, it would broke the animation if he cross a door (so you would uncuff / cuff again after that), that’s why there is a drag feature.

EDIT : @vegnagun2017 you forgot to add a LICENCE file in your zip archive, please add it : https://github.com/FiveM-Scripts/Cops_FiveM/blob/dev/LICENSE


i will put in now thanks :slight_smile:


Is it also possible to create a version where you can enter a password to uncuff yourself? During testing, a friend cuffed me and that seemed to bring up the issue of people using it for fail-rp purposes.


yes it possible too make :slight_smile:


hey quick question is there anyway on how to change it to where when you cuff someone they cant move is there a way to change it to where they can walk around?


yes its possible but like @Kyominii said the animation will broke


how could i do what do i need to change i know where to go i ust dont know what to change


Amazing script, is it any chance to restrict to only some peds? :slight_smile:

  1. question why will you only have it too work on some peds ? but the answere is yes


so only cops can use it :slight_smile: