Everyone gets this message


So basically after the newest update for fivem came out today or yesterday everyone is having troubles joining my server and get this error message VVV any help?


You likely have too many resources.


I hade a lot of resources before the update and i was not getting this. Like i have above 250 scripts and 300 cars, So do i have to delete like half of my scripts or what. We really need fix for this.


Question: What is the limit on resources? Or is it more a case of there isn’t a limit, just don’t have poorly scripted resources that cause memory leaks, high CPU usage, etc?


There is no limit other servers have more 500 cars, and shit ton of scripts, ex. All Day Role Play server have the most scripts known in FiveM and nothing is happening. It deepens on how much your PC can handle the more better PC the more the PC can handle.


Parafal is very bugado em the nova update


Remove the parafal to resorces and work the server


No, you don’t.

Nobody knows, and it is lower every single game build, and can’t be increased unless Rockstar needs to, since it is severely intertwined with most of the game code.

An easy way to resolve this is to not have separate resources for every single car mod.


it will be a ymap on the server that is not compatible with the new update, load in to the server and press F8 to get hte console window up and get ready to press F12 fast for a screen shot just before it crashes! it will say error with a XXXX.rpf.

You then need to do it again for the next ymap rpf file that makes an error etc… then disable those ymaps in your server.cfg, clear your server cache, clear your local game/PC cache and it will work


Or open up your CitizenFX.log file?

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