EUP | Fire Departement?


Does anyone here know how to install the Fire DPT pack for eup ?


Anybody ???



Check this post! There is a rescue pack in there


it says client side. I’ve already tried.


See if you can convert it, Its pretty much just changing the name


We pay more to get EUP the least they can do is make one for fire.


Why do you pay for it?


Wow Wow WOOW Now

You act like we arent people with lives, My job isnt to obey your wishes. I am a creator. I will get to it When I do. I dont care that you pay more for it, Its not my Job Description to even have it done. What I do I do as a courtesy to the community. So please retract that statement, you honestly just really triggered me.


Was i talking about you gosh. Kids these days are offended when we don’t even talk about them.


I am 19 feller, and yes you were. Considering im the one who made it :slight_smile: so the “they” you refer to is me. Thanks


to be more specific :slight_smile:


By they i mean FIVEM. And the other guy that made and EUP.


Why the fuck would Five M make a Fire Department Skin?


We pay them to make EUP work the least they can do is make a pack for EUP Police/Fire.


To Also respond about the “other guy”


And see that is where you are ignorant. That isnt why you pay them. You pay them for Beta access.

Which by the way has nothing to do with EUP


But it let’s us have EUP.




It’s like selling a phoner charger but without the wire.


Not fucking at all. Again it has nothing to do with EUP. and everything to do with streaming MP clothes.