[EU/UK] 2020 Gaming UKRP server needs a dev


Hi there, my name is Sam. I ran 2 very successful UK Altis Life servers for 2 years, all were serious RP.
I have now started a server for Five M along the same line, and i am in need of a dev to help.

If you are a developer, and want to get in from the ground up, here is your opportunity. Have your say on mods/scripts,
and how the server is run, and make some new friends along the way.

We now have a server, and can add/edit mods easy enough, but need a dev who can help us make custom scripts, and help sort our MySQL database.

If this interests you, come chat to me on TS3



Teamspeak Don’t Work.


Thank you, fixed.


Just need a Dev now, have police and ems nearly full.