[EU/EN] Mental Paranoia Roleplay | New Community | Serious RP | Gangs/Drugs/Jobs | Active Staff | Hiring LSPD/LSFD apply at discord.gg/fh889Hk | Custom Vehicles/Handling


What does Mental Paranoia Roleplay has to offer?
We are a serious roleplay server looking for mature community to take part and enjoy our variety of things you can do, We are looking for balanced quality life roleplay with balanced economy, Currently the server has been up for two weeks, We are constantly updating the server and tweaking Jobs/Side Job Activities/Gangs Systems, that’s just the bit of what’s expecting for you when first joining our community!
Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/fh889Hk

  • IP Address:
    or alternatively
  • Search the server by typing “Mental Paranoia Roleplay”

Ingame Features we got to offer you:

  • House Burglary
  • Gangs System
  • Modified Drugs System with Drug Effects (All drugs are usable)
  • Pillbox Hospital is functional and will be used for Medical Attention RP (Instead of the default hospital).
  • Over 65 Custom Cars modified with Custom Handling to match their realistic speed/acceleration
  • Open Car Dealership with the basic Custom Cars (Dodge/Honda/Toyota/Mercedes/Mini Cooper/Nissan).
  • Closed Modified YMAP Car Dealership with Imported rare cars, the purpose of this dealership is to make the interaction between the car dealership and the player, and to limit the amount of Rare Cars on our server, everything is very organized when it comes to imported vehicles.
  • Completely functional Phone System with working calls/messages for the sake of roleplay
  • Custom Police Vehicles with custom Handling
  • Balanced Salaries for Whitelisted Jobs
  • Huge Variety of usable items
  • Own your own pet!
  • Bag System
  • Custom Clothes/Tattoos
  • Server Sided Emergency Outfit Pack
  • Stamina/Skill System buildup
  • Stores/Jewelry Stores/Banks Robberies with realistic payouts
  • Money Laundering Job/Function for gangs

Whitelisted Jobs Application Status:

  • LSPD [Now Open]
  • LSFD/EMS [Now Open]
  • Drake Autos Car Dealers [Now Open]
  • Real Estate Agency [Now Open]
  • The Mechanics Society [Now Open]

There are a lot of things to do in our community which i did not mention, as mentioned we are looking for mature and quality audience, We have reached the peak of 20 players, looking to expand even beyond and share moments with you guys!

Images taken by players ingame will be added soon!

Mental Paranoia Roleplay Management.


So, if I want to join this particular server, would I have to just find the server and join? Or is there a waiting list or anything? I’m new to all of this, so trying to figure it all out. Thanks :slight_smile:


We currently have a low playerbase, we’re looking for mature and quality audience, if you’re intrested there’s the IP Address:
We hope to see you!


Well, tried to find the server, but so far, no luck. :confused:


We had some database issues with the host last night, although the server is back up,
hope to see you!


Been playing on the server for a while now, so far it has been perfect! from the Roleplaying to the scripts, got nothing to complain about on the server at the moment but maybe one day i will! Totally recommend that you join the server and test it out!


An amazing server filled with good RP,Economy and amazing player base. The scripts are amazing and the attention to details is scary. I would the server a 10/10 for perfection.
If any of you guys are searching for a serious rp server, give this one a chance.
Nothing els to add


Added 7 NEW Garages around the map
Phone Ring/Getting call has been changed (No longer earrapes you)
Fixed Ambulance Handling
Reverted Vehicle Lock Notification
Changed Impound Price from 200$ to 1000$


Bump,first time filled a server, come and join us too!


Looks like everyone already took all the good names for communities and now there’s some weird ones