Esx_weashop with weapon clip


I changed some things from the orriginal esx_weashops script. I added weapon magazines with easy config in config file

esx_weashops with clip


Hi thx for shareing this. But can you explain what you modified exactly? I dont know what you mean with clip.


Magazine…magazine that housed the “clip” that has the “bullets” LOL


yea indeed magazine for the guns :slight_smile:
it adds 25 bullets to your gun you are holding.


added this to my server but its says the user_licenses table are missing any help with this?


you did not insytall esx_liscense (and did you add weapon as license ?)


Isnt in the config.lua missing something?
Why in the gunshop, there is no “Name = Gunshop” like there is at Blackweashop?

Config.EnableClip = {
GunShop = {
Price = 5000,
Label = “Chargeur”
BlackWeashop = {
name = “BlackWeashop”,
Price = 8750,
Label = “Chargeur”

For me unfortunatly the magazine buying is not working. Any chance i can get a some help please? :slight_smile:
I added the new item “Clip” in the database of “items” and also updated the script. I didn change anything in the weashop table in database though. Thats ok? Now in game, you can see the Chargeur as new item to buy at the weaponshops, but if you click it, nothing happens, also when you have a gun out which you bought at this store.


hello !

ofc i am going to help you, indeed the name weashop, you don’t need it, it was for me when testing it. i dit update my github, so you can remove that :slight_smile:
like you did you need to add in table items item clip, and you may not put item clip into table weashops so you were right !

if you seee chargeur ! that is great (you can change this in config file if you want to set it in another language.

the item clip does only give ammo when you need it, it wot give ammo when your gun is full, so shoot with your gun like you loose 100 ammo, then use your clip. hope i helped you :slight_smile:


Hello and thanks for fast answer!
Thanks will try it out in 3-4 hours when i am home from work.
But as far as is saw for now, it also didnt remove any money when i clicked in the weashop GUI to buy the Chargeur.
hmm, does it mean, like it should give me the item “clip” in my inventory, and whenever i use this item, i should get +25 ammo for the gun i have in hands?


yes thts it. but ammo fo your gun must not be full


Thats cool!
Thanks again, gonna try it soon.


Thanks, all is working fine now!


It looks nice, but how do I add weapons to the store?


in phpmyadmin, in table weashops


Do you have a reupload of this file as its showing as 404 Page not found


I’ve populated the table but nothing shows up in the shop?


I did remove the scripts, because of abuse…

@batastrophe you need to put hash keys in table


alright, thanks. I’ll go and do that.


like weapon_pistol, weapon_snowball


please re-upload this