Hey at First!
I created a Second vehicleshop but i want to offer different cars in both shops and i dont know how to change this With the databse and the Script. Is there anyone help me?


Sorry. I am a lazy fatass and don’t feel like helping. Good luck!


You’ll duplicate the tables with a different name, and then update those names in the server file.


Ok and at which Location i Must change It?


In the database 20 char


in which database ??


what database do you use?


no where can i change the location?


e.x. phpmyadmin, mysql, couchdb?


i mean the location where i can change which databse should be use


What location? 20 char


where i can change the location which table with vehicles should be use in this cardealer


I think you need to read up about databases and study some before administering a server.


my once problem is that i dont know where the location is for change which table will be use


Exactly… See my above post. You need to familiarize yourself with general database knowledge. If you have that, my first answer will suffice. You duplicate the resource, duplicate the table in the database, and rename the table in the server.lua file.


Ok, Thank you 20 char