Esx_status help?


I’ve implemented status on my esx server, positioning and tweaking the bars for hunger/thirst to look good and I really dig it.

Is there anyone with css experience willing to help me out? I wanted to add the text “HUNGER” and “THIRST” in the center of the bars, white font with a black outline.

–current html/css/app.css–

#status_list {
position: absolute;
left : 430;
bottom : 1.8%;
width : 7.5%;
opacity: 0.9;

.status {
padding: 1px;
margin: 0.3em;

.status_inner {
padding: 1px;

.status_val {
height : 0.5em;

I’ve never messed with details like this and I’m even unsure if this is where you would add something like this, but I thought I’d ask.


I also realized basing the positioning on a pixel count is offsetting the bars, based on the players screen resolution. :\


Nice thing mate, can you send me code i like positioning…