[ESX stasiek_selldrugs] Sell Drugs to NPC +dispatch NEW! πŸš“



I have all of them, I just use esx_drugs for weed and older version of esx_drugs (renamed) as rest of the drugs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Install older version of esx_drugs


Is that what’s causing the issue you think? Older version gives pooches?


It does yeah.


Thanks a lot man I appreciate the help!


@ptK Sorry to bother you again, can’t seem to find the older version, happen to have a link or anything?


I can send it to you but rn I’m in bed. I’ll do that tomorrow when I come back from college.


Right on thank you


nvm 20char


When I click e on npc does not show any notification, I have no errors in the console.