[ESX stasiek_selldrugs] Sell Drugs to NPC +dispatch NEW! 🚓



Yea 10000 is whole map like 10km i think


Awesome script loving it so far.

Only having one issue with it at the moment and i was wondering if anyone has a fix for it at all.
Everytime someone sells drugs it keeps on saying they sold a pouch of weed when they are selling for example coke.
What would i have to change in the main lua file for it to pull from the locale for the correct drug!

Thanks in advance


First off love the script I am running into an issue now running the latest es_extended now it seems can anyone point me in the right direction. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall script works but then goes a little haywire with the timer and then I get this message below.

Thanks in advance


Try yo rename esx_selldrugs to original name.


Great work Stasiek…

Were are trying hard to get workin your mod, but when we press the E botton, dont do nothing. The game console give a error "“main/lua:167” attemp to call a nil value (Field ‘showhelpnotification’). Can you help me please?


Thank you for that I have re-downloaded and left it named correctly but I am running into the following issue when selling meth it says its weed? I checked the database to make sure the drugs were named correctly and checked the locals and everything is named correct? Any ideas also checked that the items were called meth_pooch and weed_pooch in the database only the labels say Meth Pouch etc


At first Update essentialmode and es_extended


I already know how to fixed it. Wait for tommorow update


Awesome will do and thanks I have the latest Essentials Mode and ES_Extended. Will wait for the update


Hey buddy just wanted to check in to see if the update was pushed? again thank you for all your hard work


Will be today :wink:


Awesome cant wait :blush:


Change server/main.lua line 162


Awesome updated server will test it tonight when I get home thanks alot :slight_smile:


I’m getting this goofy error. Every thing is up to date and I am using the most current version of your script.


Maybe is problem in the name of drugs, i have same problem (in esx_drugs is marijuana and canabis and in this script is weed and weed pouch i think)


Keep in mind this script hasnt been updated to the latest alpha of the esx_drugs released


Yea its due to the the label issue I reported above if you rename it back to the old version it will work but everything will say your selling weed rather than meth or coke etc…


First… Really nice script :slight_smile: but the coords in the dispatch doesnt work. someone know how to fix?


in which file should i rename it bro ?