[ESX stasiek_selldrugs] Sell Drugs to NPC +dispatch NEW! 🚓



I added that value and its still giving me that console issue but I have no clue why, its fine I’ll just wait for the update to come out today and hopefully that fix’s it
cause people are trying to sell drugs it does the countdown then nothing appears or anything nothing ends up happening.


Try to reinstall plugin and dont You touch it please :wink: Only config values


Downloaded the entire script, Again, never changed a thing did a restart, weed is selling 100% threw and threw
Coke is still countdown then nothing no errors nothing showing in the F8 Console… Unsure whats the cause of that, But in good news @Stasiek Fixed the console issue with checkdrugs but again coke pooches is being annoying.


Kiminaze and me fixed some issues in the script and added the possibility to define zones on the map, where the selling to npc is possible, outside of these zones the npc will always reject and maybe also call the cops.
i also added a small animation, but this still is not working perfectly.

if stasiek is okey with that, i would share the changes after i tested it enough?


You can share changes there :wink:


I dont know if your having this issue but every version of your script always results in someone not being able to sell it prompts with the alerts ect… But I changed the police to 0 so they can sell if the cops are offline which is what they wanted and even then if I have it to 1 then it still does countdown and doesnt sell Im simply just trying to allow them to sell coke pouches to NPC and weed I’ve not messed with the config at all besides the police required and same thing it does countdown then nothing happens, idk if your missing a notification for that in the EN or if there is no prompt for a notification if something happens but they are just simply walking away nothing is happening…


Hi. When i trying to sell drugs i’ve got error in console https://imgur.com/a/lxV3hgb. And notification dont appear on screen when i’m near to npc.


client lines 188
— ESX.ShowHelpNotification(_U(‘input’))
it will fix that problem


Download the lastet version of plugin


Good script but i have the same problem :slight_smile:
client lines 188
— ESX.ShowHelpNotification(_U(‘input’))

I have the latest version :confused:


Update es_extended please


Hey there.
great Script it almost works like a charm for me.
though im having trouble getting it to locate on the map.
call cops is set to true, and cops.behave is set to true.
still not showing on the map.
Help Please :slight_smile:


Show me your config please


I managed to fix it now.
so everything works now. great job on the script really needed this


How did You fixed it ?


I only needed to restart the server after changing cops.behave. that fixed it


Little fix is coming guys


!Update! [Download plugin]

  • bug fixes with notify and whole plugin


!Update! [Download plugin]

  • animation added
  • Config.PlayAnimation = true -- just play animation when sold


Where is the streets? cuz when i try to sell, nothing happens…