[ESX stasiek_selldrugs] Sell Drugs to NPC +dispatch NEW! 🚓



Yes, all drugs have the same price. I think im going to change it in next update


so i installed but its in polish i changed it to EN and its still in polish any reason why?


Is your server is on zaphosting?


You have to disable ‘Force Overwrite’ in your zaphosting settings


actually the translation in EN isnt in english its still polish for some i changed it manually but yea its just not in english like @ all


Yea I know. Sorry about that I need to translate it :confused:


all good its only 2 lines of text the rest is in english


Update coming soon. Stay tuned :wink:


!Update! [Download plugin]

  • bug fixes
  • added drugs price in config
 Config.WeedPrice = 50-- sell price for single, not pooch(black money)
 Config.MethPrice = 70-- sell price for single, not pooch (black money)
 Config.CokePrice = 90-- sell price for single, not pooch (black money)
 Config.OpiuPrice = 110-- sell price for single, not pooch (black money)


Nice Job ! Ty for this ! now wait for pooch price xD


Pooch price is based on WeedPrice or MethPrice (etc) but * 6 you can find it in ‘client/main.lua’ :wink:


Then how do we change the price of the payout of the pooches…


You don’t have to. Price for pooch is the same as for example WeepPrice but 6 times greater. :wink:


Thanks now just been running into the issue where it does a countdown and nothing happens… confused to as why nothing shows up.


Dude you don’t have to touch anything in script. Weed Pooch Price is the same as WeedPrice but 6 times bigger


awesome script, it would be interesting to whitelist/blacklist different PED Models, so we can define who can by drugs…
at the moment the script causes an issue, you can sell drugs very near to a location where you can buy them… thats an balancing issue.

im trying to modify it but im very new to programming, so it could take some time haha
but: i love this script, its an awesome idea!


I found the error KrizFrost showed in his post.

In https://github.com/StasiekESX/stasiek_selldrugs/blob/master/server/main.lua in line 193 you initialize “drugsChecker” as a nil value -> then you add +1 to a nil value -> error

change line 193 to:

local drugsChecker = 0


Oh, thank you for that


What did You mean? Explain me please :wink:


I think little update is coming