[ESX stasiek_selldrugs] Sell Drugs to NPC +dispatch NEW! 🚓



it works, thank you!


Keep up the good work man



@Stasiek do people have to download you version of esx_policejob, if so can you can you just tell what you have added to the police job thats connected to the selling_drugs…(I have lots of shit in my policejob that…stuff)


esx_policejob and esx_drugs is required. To my plugin work you ONLY have to add ‘start stasiek_selldrugs’ in your server config. You dont have to touch esx_policejob and esx_drugs, you just need to have them on your server. :wink:


okay good…just making sure brother.



Hello, good job!

Here’s the Italian translation!


Thank you very much! :smiley:


Work. Thankyou.
20 char


take the new french language 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
fr.lua (535 Bytes)


The translation is not good (fr.lua )


Do it Sir …


I did not say that to offend you … This translation should be correct @Stasiek
fr.lua (565 Bytes)


Ok thank you all :wink: guys


@Stasiek i have question . i sell drags but i don’t have info for police.


Givem me a second little update is coming


!Update! [Download plugin]

Config.SellPooch = true -- if true, players can sell pooch like weed_pooch, meth_pooch

Config.SellSingle = true -- if true, players can sell single item like weed, meth


!Update! [Download plugin]

Config.CopsRequiredToSell = 1 -- required cops on server to sell drugs
  • bug fixes with selling
  • config required cops to sell drugs


There is an exploit currently that my community found, If there is a NPC that just stands there you can continuously sell to that NPC it will not stop you or walk away, It would be great to trigger a walk away for the NPC so that they ignore the user once they sold to them so they need to find a new NPC


Have You got the latest version of plugin? When NPC reject offer then he walks away from player and you can’t offer him drugs one more time


hey. is not possible to change the price for each drugs ? now all drugs have the same price ?