[ESX] Server wont send heartbeat and ONE SQL error



Hello everyone,
currently I am having a SQL error when it comes to owned_vehicles - to be frank, I genuinely have no clue on how to fix it - I saw in the ‘ESX’ dev area that someone else had the same issue, but was never resolved.

With that being said, I have a small feeling this is making it so players cant access the server or even see it. The one or two times it comes online, it only goes to ‘handshaking with server’ and then fails on api.steam–something.com - and then says it failed on port 443 (in witch I have allowed via my Server Firewall and VPS Control panel)

Any help would be awesome, I will note that every 10 minutes or so another 'sending heartbeat to live-internal.fivem.net:30110" occurs, but continues to fail.


[ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query “UPDATE owned_vehicles SET state=true WHERE state=false {=}”: Unknown column ‘state’ in ‘where clause’

hitch warning: frame time of 631 milliseconds
Resolved live-internal.fivem.net:30110 to
Sending heartbeat to live-internal.fivem.net:30110

Thanks for the support in advance chaps,


Think I fixed the connection issue by allowing 30110 through the firewall - got in game for the first time for the day and no crashes… Still wondering about the SQL error though.

---- edit:

Still having trouble, seemed to be a one time deed.

—another suprising edit:
Server is seeming to have license authentication problems, I have a valid license and also added it to server.cfg—- the server is fully booted at the moment, (after several times trying) - I connected and joined the server. However, exiting the server and attempting to re-enter, it did not appear on the FiveM list… I am using direct connect.


Are you sure sv_master1 "" is commented out in the server.cfg?


For your SQL query look through the files and change your query to

UPDATE `owned_vehicles` SET `state` = true WHERE `state` = false;

If your query is using Sync instead of ASync there’s a possibility that’s blocking the main thread, read more about SQL here: https://github.com/brouznouf/fivem-mysql-async


Still getting a problem with the heartbeat - any suggestions still?