[ESX] [Release] Mission Row Lockable Doors [Server-Sided] [Sync]


This script is a modified script of SGTGunner version 1.0, fivem_doors.

I have took the above script and modified it to sync with all players. It also only allows cops to open the doors or even see the option to.


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how do i install this? :grimacing:


or it is just to put it in like any mod? in resources?


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How does this work?
do i just add the resource and cops has the ability to lock or unlock the stationary doors?
what key do i press?


Put it in as a resource and add it to server.cfg

PlayerData.job.name == 'police'

Just be police

"[E] to unlock door"

These are all in the script.


causing a lot of FPS drops and desync on our server :frowning:


thank you! this works perfectly


This wouldn’t cause that unless you have a pretty bad box or vps


Great release, thank you!

How would I go about adding more doors? Would like to add the main entrance doors so they are lockable. How do I know what object it is? Do you have a list with the missionrow doors? Can’t seem to find them in: http://objects.codeshock.hu/gallery.php


First you would need to find the door model name. And then the coords of the door. Just look at the config. I am not at my computer right now so I cant get the door name at the moment.


is there a tool where u can look at any doors and check its model and coordinates?


I believe so. Not sure


U can do it with codewalker and the selection tool


Also menyoo
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How do I keep the door unlocked until I lock it again?


Is it possible to lock the rear(back) of gates in PD?


hey have this installed on my server and it works perfectly. However, I have only one issue and it seems to have placed a “box” around the Alta St station. you cannot see “the box” unless you get in the station, and the only way to get in the station is to bring up the clip menu and clip in. only the front and the back doors of the station are affected, as all inside doors work as intended with the lock feature. Please help, clipping is okay but kind of blows it for RP. :wink:


I believe you just have to use the exact co ords