[ESX] [Release] Mission Row Lockable Doors [Server-Sided] [Sync]


This script is a modified script of SGTGunner version 1.0, fivem_doors.

I have took the above script and modified it to sync with all players. It also only allows cops to open the doors or even see the option to.


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how do i install this? :grimacing:


or it is just to put it in like any mod? in resources?


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How does this work?
do i just add the resource and cops has the ability to lock or unlock the stationary doors?
what key do i press?


Put it in as a resource and add it to server.cfg

PlayerData.job.name == 'police'

Just be police

"[E] to unlock door"

These are all in the script.


causing a lot of FPS drops and desync on our server :frowning:


thank you! this works perfectly


This wouldn’t cause that unless you have a pretty bad box or vps


Great release, thank you!

How would I go about adding more doors? Would like to add the main entrance doors so they are lockable. How do I know what object it is? Do you have a list with the missionrow doors? Can’t seem to find them in: http://objects.codeshock.hu/gallery.php


First you would need to find the door model name. And then the coords of the door. Just look at the config. I am not at my computer right now so I cant get the door name at the moment.


is there a tool where u can look at any doors and check its model and coordinates?


I believe so. Not sure


U can do it with codewalker and the selection tool


Also menyoo
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How do I keep the door unlocked until I lock it again?


Is it possible to lock the rear(back) of gates in PD?