ESX Policejob peds



I use esx policejob and i want to change the cop peds in the cloakroom to be custom peds but i can’t change anything other than clothes when i click to change my default playerped into the sheriff ped or swat ped nothing happens how ever i can change my peds appearance with the clothes


It’s at the middle of the script in client/main.lua


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Yeah I have the code there and freemode peds are enabled it just doesn’t work


You need to donate FiveM in peatron or whatever it’s called, they’ll give you a permission for that early access feature. as they’ve said in their payment section.


Not true at all i’ve done it now


Do you or anyone, also know how to set a nonfreemode ped for ambulance job and mechanic job? I am searching for days but cant figure it out.


Can u teach me how to do that?


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