[ESX] Pee/Pooping Script // esx_basicneeds addon

Ye, would work haha, just make it if your in the trap and do the “action” you get fined.

Doesn’t appear to be working, got both esx_basicneeds, esx-qalle-needs and esx_status installed, its saying command not found.

Nevermind, I think I just spelt it wrong in the server.cfg

Okay, so I did forget to add esx-qalle-needs in the server.cfg, but I’ve added it but still, the commands aren’t working. Could someone help me find the issue? Thanks.

It’s an menu if you dont enable Config.Commands

good script but when my bars are empty i press F5 and select both wee and poo but my bars dont go back up…my health just keeps goin down.any ideas thanks

Kan u make it for VRP? :smiley:

Thx @qalle it works perfect. :ñam:

Quelqu’un ses comment mettre ladderhud avec ceci?

hi i have a problem when somebody pee or poop all other player will pee or pooping whit him , pls help

i mean everyone will pee with him

and when he enter /do … or /me … it’s send for everyone in server

When someone solo session and do pee or poo , all players on my server pee or poo on the same time :smiley:

how can i disable menu and do it with commands?

I shit continuously normal? how to make it stop

I have installed the resource but I would like to add more objects apart from bread and water I would like to add cocacola bag of chips etc.

what would be the protocol to follow to put each object with your animation I mean if you use a cocacola that does not look like you drink water that drinks a cocacola

if someone can guide me a little I would appreciate it

It is worth adding a cocacola item in this case
on the client’s side add

AddEventHandler('esx_basicneeds:onDrinkcoca', function(prop_name)
	if not IsAnimated then
		local prop_name = prop_name or 'prop_ecola_can'
		IsAnimated = true
		local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1)
			local x,y,z = table.unpack(GetEntityCoords(playerPed))
			prop = CreateObject(GetHashKey(prop_name), x, y, z+0.2, true, true, true)
			AttachEntityToEntity(prop, playerPed, GetPedBoneIndex(playerPed, 18905), 0.12, 0.028, 0.001, 10.0, 175.0, 0.0, true, true, false, true, 1, true)
			while not HasAnimDictLoaded('mp_player_intdrink') do
			TaskPlayAnim(playerPed, 'mp_player_intdrink', 'loop_bottle', 1.0, -1.0, 2000, 0, 1, true, true, true)
			IsAnimated = false

from the server side added

ESX.RegisterUsableItem('cocacola', function(source)

	local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)

	xPlayer.removeInventoryItem('cocacola', 1)

	TriggerClientEvent('esx_status:add', source, 'thirst', 350000)
	TriggerClientEvent('esx_status:remove', source, 'pee', 100000)
	TriggerClientEvent('esx_basicneeds:onDrinkcoca', source)
	TriggerClientEvent('esx:showNotification', source, _U('used_cocacola'))


can someone tell me where to get more animations like bag of potatoes and more items

I’m having the same problem, i Think the line with
TriggerClientEvent('esx_status:remove', source, 'pee', 100000)

isnt working for me…Try commenting that option and see if you can see the Coca Can :slight_smile:

delete line you no have action pee

Hi Qalle, I’d like to ask you how I can put this script in F5 menu ([Release] [ESX] clothesmerfik | put on/take off your clothes)…It would be nice if someone wanted to write me a… Heartful greeting:))

Very simple, find the method inside clothesmerfik that calls to remove pants. Now in the function that removes pants and call the server/client event in this script that starts peeing/pooping. then when the animation finishes call put clothes/pants back on. Requires 3 lines of code to edit.