[ESX] Pee/Pooping Script // esx_basicneeds addon



Ye, would work haha, just make it if your in the trap and do the “action” you get fined.


Doesn’t appear to be working, got both esx_basicneeds, esx-qalle-needs and esx_status installed, its saying command not found.


Nevermind, I think I just spelt it wrong in the server.cfg


Okay, so I did forget to add esx-qalle-needs in the server.cfg, but I’ve added it but still, the commands aren’t working. Could someone help me find the issue? Thanks.


It’s an menu if you dont enable Config.Commands


good script but when my bars are empty i press F5 and select both wee and poo but my bars dont go back up…my health just keeps goin down.any ideas thanks


Kan u make it for VRP? :smiley: