[ESX] Pee/Pooping Script // esx_basicneeds addon


Cant get this to work, have esx_personmeny and jsfourtoilet and the animations work but the bars don’t move


I get the same problem //////////


in 1.1 update, you deleted : TriggerClientEvent(‘esx_status:add’, source, thingy, amount)

Omg… Please fix problems… I want : TriggerClientEvent(‘esx_status:add’, source, thingy, amount) okey?

But really big problems and console errors here…


For some reason at every so often everyone stops and does the animation?


Did you solve this, still havent find a solution here.


where can i find the commands


nope .


@qalle Can you maybe help me figure this out, i can’t get it to work and i have tried all i can think off #swe


Update 2.0

/ Added menu option for you who would want an menu on the F5 key to choose between pee and poop.

/ Changed animation and rots in the particle for realistic look.

/ Added an download link to esx_basicneeds that work with this.

Everything is editable in the config to change key, remove menu option, etc. main.lua in config.

Make sure to change Config.StatusBars to true if you are using esx_basicneeds version that i linked above otherwise it wont work with esx_status and no effect on the bars will show.

All links in original post


My bars don’t go up when I use pee or shit with menu :confused:

Bars go down and I can use animation, but no more effect


Download new version, should fix it.


New version does not fix it and disabling the menu or changing the key for it is not something you easily do either.


What do you mean?

Config = {
    Commands = false,
    StatusBars = false,
    Key = 166

i would say it’s pretty easy to change key.

This is config, with [H] as key, and using esx_status.

Config = {
    Commands = false,
    StatusBars = true,
    Key = 74

Yeah i’ve done it like that but it still interferes with another menu i have on f5


Whats your config.key?=


Tried a bunch, but none worked, now we have found one so the interference for our f5 menu is gone though. Would really like to have your script implemented in that menu though, it works with jsfour as is


If you would want it in your menu you could add this.


AddEventHandler('esx-qalle-needs:openMenu', function()


{ label = 'Needs-Menu', value = 'needs_menu' }

if data.current.value == 'needs_menu' then
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esx_status dont show me on my screen food and water… i have admin permi on my server and to other players esx_status work fine how can fix that?


I don’t know this script doesn’t touch esx_status, you should go to that thread instead.


Would it be possible to make this work with speed traps, so let’s say you take a piss in view of a stationary radar/speed trap you also get fined for pissing in the puplic caught on cam?