ESX Moneywashing


I need help.

The server I play uses the ESX_Washjob script for money laundering.

The default wait time is set to 24 hours.

I was wondering if any knew where to find the (24) to change that to a smaller integer.

24 Hours is too long to wait on an active server in our opinion.

If anybody has any ideas, please share.



in esx_society, but is not a integer, it works with cron, is called only once a day, just at the setted time


How do I change that?

Thanks so much for the help by the way.


Like how do I make it so it happens earlier.


You cant really change the time, but you can add more callings during the day.

Find in the esx_society server.lua, this:

TriggerEvent('cron:runAt', 3, 0, WashMoneyCRON) – Execute task every 3:00

It is on the bottom of the script…

Then replicate the function code and make another function (equal but with differente name) and call it another hour…

TriggerEvent('cron:runAt', 4, 0, WashMoneyCRON2)– Execute task every 4:00


3,0 would be 3am?

Thanks for the help btw


And if I had a new washmoneycron2 where do i have to add that elsewhere?


Like in what script do I add the new functions?