🔥 [ESX] Money Laundering GoPostal [New][Updated 9/11/18]



This is my first release
Developed for CivLife RP
I worked a few hours today on making this money laundering script its not 100% perfect but it gets the job done if you have used the “esx_gopostal” script then it pretty much is that script just a few things added and a few things removed, so full credits to the creator of that.

Modified By: Kriz Frost

How It Works
You go to the casino choose “Load Truck” then walk into the markers and you can begin delivering You can deliver as many as you want each delivery will payout a certain amount until you have no more money left then you can just drive back to the casino and return truck.

Updated [9/11/18] 4:31PM EST

✔️ Fixed Problem with not being able to do the job unless you were a specified job 
Every job can do it now except police.
✔️ Fixed Payout not paying out till the end 
✔️ Deliveries now pay out once you do the delivery

How to Install
Simply just place the folder in your resources folder or esx folder. then add
start esx_goDirty
to your server.cfg

Via Github

Note: I know the script can be done better but there currently isn’t any public releases for this feature so I’ve done my best and it does as required

Be sure to drop a like if it helps you :slight_smile: If you have any issues with this script be sure to let me know

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Great work MAN!
Keep up!!!


Good job :slight_smile: but …

		if PlayerData.job.name ~= nil and PlayerData.job.name == 'taxi' then

line 180 in client/main.lua

Taxi ? :thinking: gopostal


LMAO!!! Yea, You should probably change it For sure Its just a place holder there


Good script, here’s my personal experience with it :

If u don’t have dirty money, your dirty money account go to negative when job is finish, but u still have the clean money added to your account.

You shouldn’t be able to get your dirty money without the truck when going to finish point.

If a cop remove ur negative dirty money, ur account is set to 0$, but the cop loose dirty money :smiley:

So, it’s a good modification of the gopostal, but it need a few adjustements to be good. :smiley:


Yea, I think I should be putting a check in there for if there account is negative


I’m going to be working on getting the script to check if you have a Price which will be able to be set by the owner of the server

So there will be a price you have to pay of dirty money to take out the truck and if you dont have the money then it will not work and you can not do the job if you have the money they it will allow you to do the job


Is this a job that gives the player dirty money or do you wash dirty money?


good stuff once this is fixed im useing it ! <3 < 3 < 3 Love it! <3 < 3 < 3


You use this to wash the dirty money


Can you fix your github? The files are a ZIP.


Unpacked as requested


Hm, should be able to change how mutch black money the trip would pay out, right now you can transform 5k into washed money. Should be changeable somehow :slight_smile: Anyway, great job!


If i have 0 dirty money i can clean and i get -10000$ dirty money. How to change this?

I wan’t to - If i have 0 dirty money i can’t clear.


how do I change so it doesn’t need any job?


@xBlueSI read this ^


How do: If i don’t have dirty money i can’t clear?


If that makes scene i don’t know :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

but if you got dirty money either add a Moneylaundry script or edit in data base to remove. maybe that’s what your asking…


I have 0 dirty money, and when i clean i get -5000$. How to edit this?


how u get dirty money what job task u doing

make sure u change… example in scripts:

pay script: