Esx mafia, biker, cartel, gangjob


in the config.lua put “en”


Just put en in the end of the file or what do you mean?


open file config

Config = {}
Config.DrawDistance = 100.0
Config.MarkerType = 1
Config.MarkerSize = { x = 1.5, y = 1.5, z = 1.0 }
Config.MarkerColor = { r = 50, g = 50, b = 204 }
Config.EnablePlayerManagement = true
Config.EnableArmoryManagement = true
Config.EnableESXIdentity = true – only turn this on if you are using esx_identity
Config.EnableNonFreemodePeds = false – turn this on if you want custom peds
Config.EnableSocietyOwnedVehicles = false
Config.EnableLicenses = false
Config.MaxInService = -1
Config.Locale = ‘fr’ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<its here put “en”


Does already say en there. Should i try putting the file you sent in there?


wait a few minutes i will do one for you


en.lua (4.9 KB)
let’s me know if it works


Couldnt get it to work so I downloaded esx-mafia again. When i put the sql file into the database it says that you need to put in mafia… job list and stuff like that. When it says create Table fines_types_mafia. Should i then create a new category?


remove all what you did and do it correctly.

  1. import sql
    2)seconde put esx-mafia in your ressource in the esx folder .
    3 put “en” in cinfig.lua
  2. start it in .cfg
  3. deleted the cache files of server
    6)restart the server


But I havent coded it in to the heidi database. I have to do that first right? I think my friend had downloaded the worng mafia file


ok, try that…
but i think remove all you did and do it like i said up it’s a advence


But I have one problem. It says that I need to create a new table. How do I do that?


just import the table you need

INSERT INTO addon_account (name, label, shared) VALUES

INSERT INTO datastore (name, label, shared) VALUES

INSERT INTO addon_inventory (name, label, shared) VALUES
(‘society_mafia’, ‘Mafia’, 1)

INSERT INTO jobs (name, label, whitelisted) VALUES
(‘mafia’, ‘Mafia’, 1);

– Déchargement des données de la table jobs_grades

INSERT INTO job_grades (job_name, grade, name, label, salary, skin_male, skin_female) VALUES
(‘mafia’, 0, ‘soldato’, ‘Ptite-Frappe’, 1500, ‘{}’, ‘{}’),
(‘mafia’, 1, ‘capo’, ‘Capo’, 1800, ‘{}’, ‘{}’),
(‘mafia’, 2, ‘consigliere’, ‘Consigliere’, 2100, ‘{}’, ‘{}’),
(‘mafia’, 3, ‘boss’, ‘Parain’, 2700, ‘{}’, ‘{}’);

CREATE TABLE fine_types_mafia (

label varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
amount int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
category int(11) DEFAULT NULL,


INSERT INTO fine_types_mafia (label, amount, category) VALUES


esx_mafiajob.sql (1.1 KB)


Im kinda new to heidisql. Do I have to add everything thaht is under CREATE TABLE fine_types_mafia?


yes take my file and import all esx_mafiajob.sql


Yes, but I know how to add everything except for when i need to create a new table becuase I dont know how to do that.


normally you dont have to create one it will do itself go in the heidisql go jobs table then clic on import i think it’s like phpmyadmin i do not use heidisql


Is it easier on phpadmin? I cant figure it out on heidi


yes of course you can but i don"t use heidi i dont know how


Okey so I now figured out how to fix it, but i cant see the action menus at the mafia place. How do I fix that?