[ESX] ls-radio | Radio for everyone with TokoVOIP

sure, what you having problems on?

When i start my serv it says “initializing” and i get stuck in the black screen

@alcapone_dev once i bring up the radio i cant get rid of it??

Can you post what you just do ? ^^

u must click ESC to toggle radio or if want exit current channel click here:

set headingType = 1 in c_config util fix is there.

fivem updated and messed up the script heading type = 1 takes away the black screen

i put what in s_config ?

change heading type = 0
heading type = 1

yes i know but in the s_config i put what ?


@alcapone_dev esc isnt doing anything dont know what im doing wrong

Same problem here :3

do I need teamspeak for this to work, can I talk with other cops in game without TS?

Nope, you need Teamspeak and Tokovoip

you must have TokoVOIP and TeamSpeak because this script uses their API

Can you upload video? I checked at myself and 2 other people and nobody had such a problem

Hello, i’m using your script and i have a little problem when i’m using it:

When i’m going to a canal (like 11) and i’m leaving it, i’m not able to talk anymore, do you know what is the problem?
thanks a lot

hmm, i dont think a video is helpfull because my only problem is, i cant close the Radio with ESC or some keys

is it possible to make this work without ESX or is it deeply embedded in the code ?