[esx] ls custom + benny's



Hi guys !

I got some problem with the lscustom : When I put “default” on custom it cost money and it doesn’t cancel the mod :confused: .

Some have fix the problem? :confused:

Thank you !


When i try to buy it says: “You don’t have enough money.”, im starting esx_society before the ls_custom…
Can somene help me please?


nice ty


No download link?


Help-me! http://prntscr.com/lmxzdp


Do you have ESX?




So what im trying to do it i have a custom cardealer with repairs at the side made it a job cardealer+mechanic job is working now i wanna add the upgrades to it aswell (remember all in 1 jobname ) but when i change the playerdata.job == mecano to my own its not working amd everyone can open the menu even when the config is set to only mecano can change


hi tell me I noticed that there was config.vehicule in configue.lua can you tell me why there are vehicles noted


is there anyway for a “repair vehicle” option in the lscustoms or benny’s please? i know the mecanojob has the option but i want a “repair vehicle” option in the mod shops is there anyway to do this please?


No rear wheels for bikes?


is there a way to just remove specific things from the shop? i want to remove bullet proof tires Engine lvl 4 etc ?


---- UPDATE ----

The server admin made me an admin as well so we could evaluate the code and the configuration together and we found that the Zappos host configures the server.cfg dependencies in alphabetical order. This placed esx_vehicle_shop under esx_lscustom. After relocating the shop above custom and moving menu’s up as well the shop works perfectly.

I’m sharing this update for anyone who has stumbled into a similar issue, but has not seen any responses for resolution.

---- END UPDATE ----

When trying to back out of the menu using Backspace or Escape (Escape worked 1x)… The menu will return a nil value and I will be locked. The only way to resolve is to disconnect and reconnect.

I cannot identify if this is server or client side.

I have performed a cache dump and a full reinstall of FiveM to rule out as much as I can.

I recently applied exclusions in my anti-virus for the FiveM folder, but I have to make enough money in the RP environment to test the lscustom menu with a vehicle.

Any assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.


Further update, the mod is once again freezing the player in the car. I’ve moved my comments to the Git for the mod and hope to get assistance there.


Mate the General menu that comes with the Mod has access to everything including Benny’s upgrades


Did you fix it ?


I ended up going with a different script.


Which ?



hello everyone here it is two days that I try to put vehicle on my server

link: http: //www.gtamodding.fr/vehicules/5821-scania-113h-guincho-4x6-funcional.html

I have succeeded for the texture of the vehicle but not the hook I wonder if it was possible to activate it because I do not find how to do that

thank you to all those who will take the time to answer