ESX Key Issue



A buddy of mine had a Zap FiveM server just sitting and we’ve decided to do something with it, all is plain sailing excusing a few things such as having no death timer but we can be patient and play with it.

However, a pretty significant issue we’re having is that the ESX mods/scripts aren’t allowing us to alter the action/key binds via configs and such (i.e. F2 is inventory , F3 is animations and K is inventory etc) and we don’t want to progress until we’ve explored every possible avenue, but after hours upon hours of trawling for unhelpful info it seems like we’re at a loss.

Does anyone have any instructions for us to follow? Many many thanks in advance!


ask in the original ESX topic or contact @zap-hosting as this is none related to FiveM itself.


My apologies, I’m pretty new to these forums and not 100% sure on where I should be sticking things. Hopefully since it’s here I can still find some help from a general user.


this topic will be closed eventually as this is not the place for it… just look for ESX on the forums and ask in there topic.