ESX Job and Job listing Not working



I have esx_jobs installed and the SQL inserted.
I also have esx_joblisting installed and it’s sql.

I dont see any jobs on map, and the blips are set to true.
I only see “job center” i go there and press “E” nothing happens.

No errors when i start the server. it seems in order.

But still no jobs on map and no job list i can open.

thanks in advance



Try asking in the original thread! The creator would be the best person to ask


tried, but no answer.


I have the same issue here. :frowning_face:


same here
im getting really mad


same issue here. :confused:


same here its really annoying


Keep in mind 2 things. Those questions have to be posted on the thread of esx_job and esx_joblisting.
Do you guys all have the requirments?

And did you dropped all the esx mods in 1 seperate folder?


@Yadiiiig i have all that and set correct, when i go to job center and press “E” the menu dont show’s up
any way thanks for your help


Same i have the same issue, have you fixed it?


No, still to find out the problem


Are there even jobs in your joblisting?


yes they are, the menu opens


The menu opens? So it works?
What else is the problem?


my menus wont show up, i have the job every thing


Try to reinstall it.


i did 2 times didnt work


Everything set-up in the DB?
Make a screenshot of your server.cfg.


Yo, I have everything but when i go to the circle and click e no menu shows up, ive reinstalled 3 times


found the solution, go to your db clean all then you go to menu_default reinstall , then install jobs / jobs listing, it work for me , sry for my english