Hey, i wondering about a fishing script i have seen it on many streams i have a picture of it


Thanks :+1:t2:


Wondering what?
Do you need help with that resource? Do you need the name? Do you want something else?

Please actually ask a question or tell us what you need. :mascot:


@Vespura Do you know where I can find the resource? Would be amazing


Sry for bad info, i wonder about the resource where i can find it


That is a swedish guy who have made it and you can only get it from him, dont know what he name is tho :confused:


The best bet then is probably to get in contact with a server who has it and just ask for the author


Can you think harder i really want that all in my community i screaming about it


Try one of these


I have tried them all


The link dosent work (20 characters)


@denk133777 Your link dosent work


Hello, I made that script for SFRP, if you want it you can pm me and I can send it to you.


I have it, Contact me pms for more details


Alredy have it (20 char)


Does anyone have this and could provide a link?