[ESX] eden_gofast


FXserver ESX (eden_gofast)


  • esx_policejob
  • esx_phone


  1. CD in your resources/[esx] folder
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Add this in your server.cfg : ‘start eden_gofast’
  4. Check server.lua and add item in your bdd

Go Fast:

  1. 1 starting point
  2. ramdom on arrival point
  3. ramdom on the vehicles
  4. Mission to pick up an NPC
  5. Vehicle delivered by an NPC
  6. Vehicle delivered to an NPC
  7. Time on the run
  8. Time depends on the distance traveled
  9. The amount to win at GoFast depends on the distance traveled

Thanks @lusaka33 & @Solaris

Discord Sharing : https://discord.gg/gfsRvw8
Discord Server : https://discord.gg/VxRHq8u


so what dose this do?


Why was the other post removed from yesterday and now rereleased?


and how does it work




The post yesterday was remove by Lusaka33, because i asked him to remove it.

This script was on a private bitbucket and created for our server initialy, we never agreed about his sharing.

he have tons of bugs like 10ms thread, and can overload your servers.


still what does the script do?


So he stole it, uploaded it, it got removed, reuploaded it, and no one even knows what it does


@Milla This script has not been made for your server and is not on your property.

New link here : https://github.com/ShadowsX2V2/eden_gofast/

@MorfarRP Players can take a mission to a pnj to traveling with drugs in high speed like real Go Fast that permite to criminals to have other activities than drugs. There is a big use a pnj who can pursue u if you don’t bring the drug back on time. Try the script and u will see. The mission start is at x = -1409.0158691406, y = 546.56646728516, z = 121.92869567871

@Sam_Behner The script is not stolen.


He was reported by my side on github on Guiyome’s github.

And i’m doing this again on your @Solaris.


this script doesnt go under any licenses so no you can not claim this script without prof that you hace copyright claimed this or show that this script is under a licens.


This script was on a private bitbucket :wink: @MorfarRP


ok great then this script is private sadly i think it will be hard to keep it private now but i wish you all luck.


but how do i start a mission?


@MorfarRP you just need to take the mission with the PNJ and a vehicle will appear

@Milla Why blocking me on discord ? Just send proof before saying anything because this script was NOT and a private bitbucket and have been done for Endora-RP and there is nothing stolen on your server so before talking just send screen or other proof


your link is dead