ESX_Eden_Garage (With Impound) Help



Does anyone know where to find ESX_Eden_Garage with impound added?
I want to have it so you buy cars with ESX_Vehicleshop, and then you can add them to your garage using ESX_Eden_Garage. If they are not in your garage, a mechanic can impound them and you have to pay a fee to get it back from the impound place.

Anyone know where to find it? Looked all over github forks


It’s automated in eden_garage, look in the yellow circle.

I need Garage of the Apprehended

Could you link the version you are referring to? There’s no “yellow circle” on mine.

#4 Should be some circles in that one, one of those you can pay like 2k for all your cars back.


can any one help me with this plz …


I just did? Like it’s not that hard, as soon as a mechanic inpounds the vehicle you just need to pay either 2k or 20k to get all the vehicles in your garage.


does anyone know how to set this up on zap-host


I do i surely do i’m good with zap-hosting


also looking for this one


Do you have permission from the owner as he wanted all links taken down. @Jager_Bom


i am the owner with Sylundev wtf…


Please ask in the original resource topic. This way we can prevent the forum from getting cluttered with small questions about x resources.

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Thank you for your understanding! :mascot: