This script is made by me for FiveM RP server project called SatumaaRP on 03/2019 which was since ended


  • Requires ESX to work
  • Enable and disable by using an item called “radardetector” (Must be added to the database)
  • Will only work while in a vehicle
  • Will show only those who are in a police vehicle
  • Will re-enable when you enter the vehicle if you didn’t disable it before leaving the vehicle

After using an item to enable “radar/police” detector you will be notified when there is police close to you and will show them on your map. Even when you drive 350km/h (over 200mph) you should be able to slow down before police’s radar will catch you. Police will be removed from your map when they are too far or have stepped out of the vehicle.

SQL code:

INSERT INTO `essentialmode`.`items` (`name`, `label`, `limit`) VALUES ('radardetector', 'Radar Detector', '5');

Download & source:

Example of this being used:


Hey, can you include the sql for this? or tell how to i add radardetector to database.

added to original post

Thank you for sharing this awesome epri radardetector! This is very good optimized and very good kkontent to RP! Thank you

I cant press ‘‘käytä’’ USE’’ for the item? what could be wrong

did you download Finnish or English version? Seems like i forgot to change the item name on Finnish
package from tutkanpaljastin to radardetector. If you got Finnish version go on database items table and change radardetector -> tutkanpaljastin

Remember to delete your “radardetector” item from inventory before doing this change

i tried it, but i still cant use it for some reason.
Can you send me what should i put in database here?

Works perfect. I had to edit what jobs it can see because of custom police jobs, but other than that… Perfect.

Good stuff, thanks for doing this.

Now I’m going to make the radar detector craft-able by my MC for them to sell :wink:

Glad someone appreciates my work :slight_smile:

If you won’t figure it out before sunday I’ll help you get it to work. Right now I’m so busy with work i can’t help

video removed?

works for me just fine :face_with_monocle:

Seems like your country is blocking the video because of song used which is five finger death punch - ain’t my last dance

Can you tell, what is speed-camera prop name? Because i dont know.
Kiitosta pojjat

Cant seem to use this on my server, use option is just grayed out, any idea why?

What inventory system are you using? If you’re using normal esx with esx default menus then you should see “use” only if you’re properly setup. Most likely registered item code side is different from the item you have in database. You can check from the server script if your item is named identically

Can’t remember and this script doesn’t spawn any props