Hello everyone !

Here i am going to present my script i made with Tracid.

It is called esx_dj. You can from now on be your own dj and play some music!


read carefully the discription on the github!

[Release] [JS] Radio

Sounds like an very interessting script;D but the download link is broken for me.


thanks for saying i had made it private. Now the link is public


Yepp now it´s working thx for sharing your script with us:D


where exactly do you go to play the music ?


bahamas club inside :slight_smile:


Nice one but the link still not working at least for me.

Thanks though!


Hey, yea link not working because made it private because of too much abuse. You van stil send me a discord pm


Just found out about this script and Cant use it )::::::


Hey, how do i lower the volume on esx_dj? local standardVolumeOutput = 1.0; <-- does not seems to work, i have tried to lower it but it does not make any effect


Here is updated link:


I dont hear any music, theres no sounds for me at all. Any suggestions why?