Esx developer need a good community to join!


active all the time to play pretty much


I would like to chat more about working with you.



Hey I sent you a request


Hey TLGC is looking for some extra hands to help speed up our FiveM Development, we would like to see somone who can work on DBs and is easy to work with. We would like to be launched by Feb 10 but we can always push back.

If you’d like to help out, it’d be great, below is the TS just Direct Message me (Board Member Wyatt) and we can chat further : )

Our goal at TLGC is to provide the best Roleplay that GTA Can offer, we have plans to have no menu, Strict ESX with some modded vehicles and stuff, myself and the other board members have been around to a lot of… not to good communities and we want to start something good thats going to last, and having a developer who can help out would be great!


Would like to talk to you… whereas everyone else is just trashing you.
Feel free to send me a message at your convenience please: SamY#0001


@Nghts He has chosen to resign from TLGC, We are currently looking for a new developer.


Discord KooviTV#1302 I need help with a dev


Went ahead and sent you a PM.

My discord: Matty#7314