Esx developer need a good community to join!


Hey! Are you looking for a server developer who is very well experienced? In permissions handling, database corrections, installing and customising cars as well as a few of their files, LUA editing and much more! I am looking for any server who has an ESX based framework. I am looking for new fivem communities who have REAL roleplay and not menu based, as I personally hate that due to the lack of realistic roleplay.

I have been looking for a good community with real and good staff and players, and hopefully I can find one!


Okay let me just have a little rant here.

Your a developer… but wanting a ESX server to work on. Okaaaay.

“permissions handling” I mean um… yeah

“database corrections” not really developing.

“installing and customising cars” bish plz

“as well as a few of their files, LUA editing and much more!”

Can you code or just “edit” allready made ESX code in the config.lua

Come on man :upside_down_face:


Nah dude , bish. If you need a dev, I am a dev.


I need a dev to create me a in depth medical system, I’m looking for something that will allow for bleed out from a variety of different levels based on the damaged caused by various objects. In addition, I would need the system to allow for the stopping of said bleed out. I’d like it as realistic as possible. I also would like a dual level permissions level, one for EMT the other for Paramedic which would allow for different levels of care based on their permissions…

Oh wait…you only do ESX though?


Yeah I find esx much better


Can you elaborate on what makes it much better compared to something like, a fully customized stand alone system?


Theres mainly to types of fivem servers out there, (there are others ofcourse). I need esx because menu based servers are not real , I’m looking for realistic serious rp servers. Menu based servers allow you to just spawn things out of nowhere…


I don’t disagree with you that menu based servers allow for unrealistic roleplay however, that does not truly mean that esx is much better. You can create a menu for anything you want really and it doesn’t have to be esx based.


But still, I prefer esx.


Okay. I’ll find a real developer then. Good luck on your drag and drop esx search.


I am real developer, however whatever you say to me goes back to you.


Just changes words and searches forums for fixes. xD - That’s what it looks like to me Hahaha.


You know your lack of knowledge or lack of skill denies you the title of a developer. The snail just asked for a script. You ignored him, that’s not what a dev does. ESX? Ha. funny.


No there is no lack of anything, If i were to show you my work, the servers I have worked on you would see.


Show us some of this “work” you have done… or rather “editing” of someone elses work please.


Hey, can you make a ESX BS/lie detector script?


Im not saying BS/lie you are saying BS/lie


No u :frowning:


No u :stuck_out_tongue:


What is your availability NOTHERE?