ESX Default skin after respawn


Hey guys!
I have asked this question thousands of times on the most diverse Discord server. But I never got a helpful answer. Maybe you can help me.

First of all, my server is running on ES5 and the latest ESX. My problem / question now is when I die I lose my skin I got from esx_identity. I get then only the standard skin of Fivem. I also appear where I died. How can I fix this / change in my favor?

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I believe these might help:



I do have those installed… I don’t know how they should work. :confused:


Are skins being saved in the user database?


The Skins are saved, and they are being loaded when joining… But not when im respawning after death


I found that es_extended is what deals with the saved skin in the database.

AddEventHandler('skinchanger:loadDefaultModel', function()
  LoadoutLoaded = false

AddEventHandler('skinchanger:modelLoaded', function()
  while not ESX.PlayerLoaded do


Try reinstalling again or clearing the cache files see if it helps.


I’ll try now, give me a second.


But after respawning, im still my Char… :confused:


Just commenting, to put this back up… I sill didn’t got it to work :confused:


Hi sorry for the late reply I’ve been looking for a solution for you.
Do you have this installed: esx_clotheshop as it loads skin after respawns, give it a try if you do not have it yet.

#12 I do have :confused:


When I change clothing, say for a job, my skin will revert back to my original skin when I die or if I use /skin command and change something.
Does your server let you set your skin when you first start?
Did you set your skin when you first started?
Try using the command /skin in chat, setup your skin/outfit and see if it helps.
I can’t think of any issues since you have all the mods I use and mine works just fine apart from any clothing changes I make revert back to my original skin, which is ok since I set my original skin to be a cop :slight_smile:
Using /skin command saves your skin in the database which means it should always revert back to that skin when you die/respawn.


Posting to see if there is a solution to this yet. I am having the same problem. Currently using the same ES5 with esx_clotheshop, esx_skin, esx_skinchanger & pretty much all the other esx mods. When say a Civ makes his character & they get killed when they respawn they spawn where they died but their character reverts back to the default character of the map. Say they are using the FiveM Map Hipster their character will revert back to the FiveM Map Hipster outfit when your first join the server. I have dug through the code & i have no clue whats causing this issue.


Have you checked the DB to see if they’re being saved there?
Try using /skin in the chat box in game, setup your skin/clothing and it should save when finished, see if it changes in the DB or reloads upon respawn.


I fixed this issue by installing esx_ambulancejob. When said player dies he now respawns at Hospital.


I hope this helps you.
I fixed my issue by changing this.

Remove line 255 of your spawnmanager.lua

SetPlayerModel(PlayerId(), spawn.model)

and that will load your saved skin when you spawn or re-spawn after death.

[Release][ESX] Base

That dos not work, that will throw a lot of errors in console, with it not knowing where to spawn you etc.


I do not get any console errors and spawns me just fine where I died or logged off.


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