[ESX] CivLifeRP Character Registration V1.4 [2/8/2019][ESX_Identity][Release]


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:clipboard:CivLifeRP Clean Character Registration V1.3 [2/8/2019]

Hey Guys Back this is a new design for your character creation if you are using esx this is for esx_identity.
Developed for CivLife RP(Now Known as OverPoweredRP) Server & @Luzox
Earlier this morning I saw that @Luzox Had requested someone create his mockup design and I had taken on the task and have created it fully working with esx_identity.


By: :snowman_with_snow: @KrizFrost :snowman_with_snow:
@Luzox for the mockup design and assisting with code.

Notice: Do not trade/sell this script at any point and time this is licensed and 100% Free

:memo: Changelogs

✔️ Version 1.0 Public Release
✔️ Fixed UI Now Covers Entire Screen [Version 1.3] [10/31/2018]
✔️ Disabled the ability to type letters in height. [Version 1.3] [10/31/2018]
✔️ Added Check Box [Version 1.3] [10/31/2018]
✔️ Added Polish Translated Branch [Version V1.4] [2/8/2019]

:gear:How to Install

Simply just place the folder in your resources esx_identity folder. and replace existing files.





Via Github (English Branch)
Via Github (Polish Branch)


Be sure to drop a :heart:if it helps you :slight_smile: If you have any issues with this script be sure to let me know
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[esx_identity] Script Request
Hello, I am A Developer [Not Available]

Finally it is released it looks amazing at the end instead of the regular ESX_Identity :heart:


Looks great, but why not use proper input fields for the input?
date for date of birth.
number with a defined min/max for height.
radio or select for male/female

You can also make a simply jQuery or JavaScript event that capitalizes the first letter of the word they enter for First/Last name: https://jsfiddle.net/cgaybba/6rps8hfo/

I think the above quick fixes rounds out the screen and makes it much more smooth for the end user. Again, it looks great - but these last couple changes would really finalize it.


Yea It literally was a quick and to the point I know there is multiple other ways of doing this but I did it this way I will probably modify it and make changes in the future but if you want to fork it and contribute to it you are more then welcome to man :slight_smile: but the basics are done and I don’t think I’ll spend much time on it anymore unless I get some more free time.


I love this Design for Identity but the “Create Charakter” button wont work for me.


Should work correctly, make sure to double check what your previous submit button was in the old html of your script and check if it matches with this one.

<button id="submit" type="submit">Create Identity</button>

If the button doesnt work try pressing enter.


Lovely to see that kind of template, I might be using it and modify it because it’s pretty flatty although you said you just copied it (or not?) thanks for that share tho.


Yea you are more then welcome to modify it, The Design was completely @Luzox Idea I just made it into something actual usable wasn’t really copied


You have done good job so far, It’s in need of some JS work and CSS to fix some things in the text but well done my friend, +1


is this based off of the latest esx_identity? Also, is it just a menu replacement or the entire script? I only ask because mine is modified to allow for more than 3 characters.


It is the latest one as far as I seen in the codes, are you talking about character creation screen with 3 options?


I have been trying to fix top part where it wont cover entire screen so any idea why?


I honestly couldn’t figure out why its like that myself spent a good time trying to figure out why couldn’t figure it out.

You can honestly just replace the html folder if you want you dont need to replace the entire script itself but you may have to modify the stuff in the html folder to work for you and add all the stuff from that in your __resource.lua


I’m still kinda sad you ripped my logo and ruined it even further :frowning:


If anything I made my logo look better back when I use to use your logo My logo is sexy asf don’t lie :smiley:


Uhm… the angles on the white stripes are off, kinda unacceptable.


GOD DANG IT! YOUR GOING TO KILL ME WITH OCD! Now I See it! I’ve looked at that logo 1000x and never noticed that :man_facepalming:


Mine wont work. I’m not getting anything


nvm thought i had started it in the server.cfg


maybe try ask original designer for working script?