[ESX] CivLifeRP Character Registration V1.3 [10/31/2018][ESX_Identity][Release]


I tried, but how do I change the addon to not use couchdb?


Cool yes


I use ESX and don’t use couchdb man it just wont use it from my knowledge.


Yeah I got it to use MySQL. I added all ESX addons and the only problem I have is that I am unable to download some of them when connecting to the server…

These are those who won’t download when connecting…

start esx_randomevents
start esx_realestateagentjob


Haha, nevermind… I remove the esx_randomevents from startup and I conected directly…


Ahh shit, no… Getting the error “Error occurred while attempting to find user in CouchDB.”


This script is amazing! The only error I found is that if you do not click which gender you want that it still allows you to submit to allow your character to be created. It then causes an error to occur in the database in which you have to delete that character entry. Is there anyway to code to prevent the person from being able to submit their entry until they select which gender they want and they cannot leave the checkboxes unchecked?


Hello i dont se anything… Help me please


This will be looked into glad you are enjoying it :slight_smile:


Hey guys. Someone know a fix for the issue with the /register ?
If someone is joining my server and want to create a new character this person has to type in /register that the focus will switch to the inputboxes.


If anyone is looking for any help in the future or has any issues I provided a discord I am easy to get in touch with there.


I created a second character on my server, and now when I try to switch to my main character she continues to look like my second. Is this supposed to happen?


yup. The only thing that changes is your name